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Craig Goldman supported Democrat chairs for key border protection committees that stopped border protection legislation.

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Craig Goldman voted in support of democrats chairing key committees in the Texas House of Representatives.

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Craig Goldman did not vote in support of the bill making it illegal for non-citizens to vote. Instead, he voted "present" helping to defeat this bill. As a result, Texas does not have a law or a constitutional amendment prohibiting illegals from voting.

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Craig Goldman voted no to SJR 13, which would have established terms limits for certain elected officials.

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Young Conservatives of Texas is a watchdog group that grades elected officials.

Craig Goldman was given a grade of 62 (Grade D) 

Voted “no” to amended HB 1898 that would have prevented tax dollars for minor gender transition care


Joined with Dade Phelan to defeat the original iteration of a bill which would have prohibited all funding to hospitals engaged in treating minors gender transition care.

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